‘Now Teach’ and other routes into teaching

Published on 02 December 2016 to Other routes into teaching

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Following a piece by Lucy Kellaway in the Financial Times in late November 2016 there has been a lot of attention paid to the idea of teaching as a second career and how those who have been successful in one type of employment might then move on to teaching.  The obvious answer for those who are immediately able to act and have always wanted to teach might be to get involved with the ‘Now Teach’ pilot project which will start in London in September 2017 for those wanting to teach in secondary schools only.  This is being supported by national Multi Academy Trust (MAT)  ‘Ark’ who plan to deliver much of the training via their established Ark teacher training course.  As a national chain it seems logical that if this is a success they would be able to roll the programme out to other cities and possibly key phases (e.g. primary schools) nationwide.

Existing options

However, there are other options already available for those choosing a more traditional route into teaching.  The first is the Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) route available through at least eight training institutions in London.  You will need to have a first degree and most training providers offer both full and part time study.  Fees are payable for these courses but employment prospects are very good in London at the moment, with some providers boasting 97% of trainees in employment within six months. Loans and bursaries may be also be available – particularly for those in shortage subjects.  If you are at any stage considering teaching overseas the PGCE is an internationally recognised qualification.

If funding is an issue and you need to maintain some income whilst training then ‘School Direct’ might be the route for you.  This is a school based route into teaching and is offered by a number of schools in Croydon.  Trainees learn through a combination of work based training and sessions at partner universities and are paid a salary while they train.  Secondary options are available at:

Primary schools involved in training are at:

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